Rich, Brian and I just got back from Nashville.  What a trip!  We had the great fortune to spend time with Jozef Nuyens and Brad Edmonson.  The purpose of the trip was to provide Jozef and Brad with an in depth review of our technology and plans.  We spent two very full days discussing Strategy, Direction, Opportunities and first products.

The venue for these discussions was Castle Recording Studios.  Oh man what an amazing place (thanks Jozef!).  
We have always wanted to set our sights on affordable studio quality sound and after having an opportunity to experience what that really means, all I can say is the bar is very very high!

We did get a chance to get to Nashville one evening and spend some time in a couple of venues.
One of the tangible results of the trip was to start development of a storyboard driven prototype of the first set of product technologies (OnStage and BackStage Pass).  We will be busy working on this over the next week.